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Video Wall Services

We provide video wall services to a number of events, including, but not limited to corporate events, conferences, galas, studios, private events, social gatherings, graduations, local business events, and for business that want to display their menus and other information indoors. 

Our video walls can connect and work with each other to create a seamless picture, thanks to our range of narrow bezel widths that let your audience focus on your content and not the gaps. Plus, every screen is calibrated, giving you uniform alignment, brightness and color so you can deliver a consistent visual experience.

Our video walls reflect very little light to avoid gloss and provide bright, non-glare experience to viewers. These panels are designed to improve the visibility of your message from any angle, in any ambient lighting conditions.

Rent and Enjoy

You can rent any number of video walls to achieve your required dimensions. Small or big, we will provide our highest quality video walls with excellent customer service. 

We are pros at installation and on-site maintenance for video walls, so you can relax and enjoy your event. 

On-site Support

We provide on-site support on request during the events. You will receive all the technical support required for your event without moving a finger. 

Perspolis and its team of technicians will always be there, when needed. 

Free Quote and Consultation

Always ask for a free quote before finalizing your video wall rentals. All our quotes and consultation services are free to our customers.

We are happy to help you understand your exact video wall needs, before ordering. 

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