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Quality LED Signs

We provide pixel dense, high quality LED signs for sale and rent in California. Our LED signs come with high brightness levels, making it easily readable during bright light and dark night.

All of our digital signage for businesses are built with high quality components and attention to detail. Passerby and customers are going to love the stunning LED displays and message boards for years to come. 

Our LED display signs can change at any given time and provide a different message. It can show your business name, announcements, marketing materials, parking information, or any special deals. 


Also, with LED lights your sign will be easy to see from many blocks away.

Why LED?

You surely have signage, but LED alternatives will be far brighter, increasing visibility by multiple blocks in each direction. You can also have stacked signs, where you can showcase your logo and main signage separately.

Or you can add scrolling signs with more information. This allows you to give more details about your business to people passing by.

Brand Information

LED signage allows you to give more information at any given time to people close to your business. 

You can showcase new deals, discounts, or new products that are just added to your inventory. The information on LED signage is easy to change without any hardware installation. 


The more information you give, the more customers you will get. 

Easy Updates

Our LED signs allow businesses to change information easily. For example if you are a restaurant, you can put your menu up and change the price and menu items quickly. 

If you are a hotel business, you can put up your room charges and change them whenever you want. 

LED Signs gives you the easiest and fastest way to update information. 

New LED sign is up!

We are creating new signs for our respected clients everyday. Let's take a moment to admire this one. The beautiful sign is up in Sacramento, CA. 

The backlit design for this specific sign is visible during the day and night. The glow gives each letter specific visibility and keeps the design minimal and clean. 

Ask for a quote and we will be happy to reach out to you accordingly. 

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