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What is Channel Letter?

Channel letters are a highly effective form of advertising, either in the daytime or nighttime. Some channel letters form three-dimensional LED signs that are highly visible and easy to read from a distance. When using neon illumination in the evening, channel letters signs are among the most visible signage available.

Open face channel letters are a popular choice for stores or businesses that need a noticeable night presence, like bars, nightclubs or high-profile restaurants. Channel letters come in any font, color, or size and easily combine with a logo. Persepolis offers LED letter signs & nonilluminated channel letter signs for businesses across Los Angeles & Orange County. The individual letters mount onto a building’s exterior and often fit nicely on interior walls. We typically fabricate each letter individually, which can come in a variety of illuminated or nonilluminated forms.

We are the authorized supplier of XPO LED Lighting in California and feel proud to provide such high quality channel letters to our respected customers.

What Are Channel Letter Signs? 

Channel Letters are an excellent way of signage for your business. Wether backlit or not, these signs can easily be read by passerby's and customers during the day and at night.

Reverse Lit

Reverse-lit letters illuminate from the rear of the lettering, creating a halo effect. The effect is visible during the day and looks great at night.

Dual-view lit

Dual-view illumination lights letters from the front and rear, providing an eye-catching view for all to see easily. It is one of the popular options.


Front-lit letters illuminate from the faces of the lettering.

These letters are the most common among channel letter signs. 

Exposed-face lit

Exposed face letters use neon illumination that allows light to shine through the open part of the letter. 

These are coming soon.

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