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With over two decades of experience in LED and print products, PERSEPOLIS is the most reliable local LED signage and product printing company in Sacramento, California.  Our LED Display signs and LED channel letterings are highly customizable, versatile, and an incredibly cost-effective marketing tool to expand your customer reach. 

Persepolis' electronic bulletin boards are designed to give your brand, business, or location, an amazing amount of reach for desired customers. Our professional local staff are always available for short and long-term support required by customers. 

Our Services

Persepolis LED Signs and Printing Services provides LED and Printing services for sale and rent. Our solutions include LED display signs, LED channel lettering, LED video wall rentals for indoor and outdoor use, printing services for signs, stickers, and textiles.


PERSEPOLIS is trusted by tens of local business in California. We have been providing quality service and maintenance  to our clients in the region with exceptional loyalty.


We help our clients stay up to date through our innovative ideas and creative designs.

Locally Designed

All our products are locally designs and assembled in Sacramento, California. This insures faster turnaround and installation times.

We take pride in supporting our local business and community by cutting on wait times for delivery.

Customers can also bring in their on creative ideas to further enhance their business brand.

Built to Last

All our LED displays, channel letterings, and print for installation materials are industry standard and built to last a long time.

Customers can always contact us for quality control and product satisfaction services. 

We are proud of the quality of our work and believe in supporting our customer's at all times. 


2440 Fulton Ave, Unit 11

Sacramento, CA 95825


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